Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tahiti StS Update:

Just 109 days to go to our Adventure in French Polynesia.  The trip is full.  We have ten sailing cats in our mini fleet.  Sailing with us are the sailing industry's kewlest readers plus skippers Bob & Jody Bitchin, edider Sue and her Mike, the Eric Stone and Kim, the Mustang Sally crew, Zuzana from L&A TV, Dena and I and on and on.  

We are flogging out the details for the Lats & Atts International Party 2011 which will take place during our cruise, likely at the end.  World famous Bloody Mary's is closing the restaurant to host our little island get together/concert.  Eric Stone and friends will be playing live.  Bring your dancing feet.  Shailors are guaranteed a spot and what's left of the restaurant will be filled with any local cruisers we can shanghai.  

Coming soon (between now and the cruise):  The Share the Sail Crew Questionaire for boat placement and then the What To Bring suggestions.  

Captain Woody