Friday, November 2, 2012

Adventure Voyaging Emails

Boat Friends & Family,
As you may know, the offshore sailing magazine I worked for faded into history.  My friends and I absorbed the successful events portion of the business that I used to run.  We call our new company Adventure Voyaging.  

I would like to invite you to sign up for our email list if you haven't already.  We only send out 10 or 12 emails a year.  Your edres will be fiercely guarded :) - never sold or given to anyone.  Unsubscribing is easy.  

Click Here to join email list.  We appreciate your support.    

We just got back from our Catalina Cruiser's Weekend event.  We raised a bunch of money for Heal the Bay.  We have 6 boats booked full in the British Virgin Island in December.  We have just announced our 5 boat charter in Greece in May '13.  Hope you can join us in paradise or follow along from home ...


   -Quality, Balance and a Clean Wake-